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"The Sweetest Thing" Arrangement"The Sweetest Thing" Arrangement
A Festive Yuletide Centrepiece WorkshopA Festive Yuletide Centrepiece Workshop
Anthurium 6" Sale price$26.95 CAD
Arch FlowersArch Flowers
Arch Flowers Sale priceFrom $200.00 CAD
Blue Star Fern 6" Sale price$22.95 CAD
Boutonnière Sale price$35.00 CAD
Bridesmaid BouquetBridesmaid Bouquet
Bridesmaid Bouquet Sale price$150.00 CAD
Brownie Tulip BundleBrownie Tulip Bundle
Brownie Tulip Bundle Sale price$45.00 CAD
Carnation BundleCarnation Bundle
Carnation Bundle Sale price$40.00 CAD
Compote Centrepiece ArrangementCompote Centrepiece Arrangement
Compote Centrepiece Arrangement Sale priceFrom $125.00 CAD
Deluxe Dozen Rose ArrangementDeluxe Dozen Rose Arrangement
Deluxe Dozen Rose Arrangement Sale price$175.00 CAD
Sold outDiscover the Art of Kokedama: A Workshop of Elegance and NatureDiscover the Art of Kokedama: A Workshop of Elegance and Nature
Sold outEnglish Ivy 6”
English Ivy 6” Sale price$22.95 CAD
Epipermnum Albo Pothos 6" Sale price$38.95 CAD
Sold outEucalyptus BundleEucalyptus Bundle
Eucalyptus Bundle Sale price$30.00 CAD
Extravagant Signature BouquetExtravagant Signature Bouquet
Extravagant Signature Bouquet Sale price$175.00 CAD
FLVC DropsFLVC Drops
FLVC Drops Sale price$38.00 CAD
Forage Gift CardForage Gift Card
Forage Gift Card Sale priceFrom $10.00 CAD
Sold outGalentine's At Forage Event February 9Galentine's At Forage Event February 9
Glass Vase 8"Glass Vase 8"
Glass Vase 8" Sale price$16.95 CAD
Grand Tribute Floral Arrangement
Grand Tribute Floral Arrangement Sale price$250.00 CAD
Hermit Refreshing Face Mist
Hermit Refreshing Face Mist Sale price$22.95 CAD
Hoya 4" Sale price$12.95 CAD
Hyacinth 6" Sale price$14.95 CAD
Iced Matcha Latte 16oz Sale price$5.75 CAD
Kokedama PlantKokedama Plant
Kokedama Plant Sale priceFrom $35.00 CAD
L'Amour Half Dozen Rose ArrangementL'Amour Half Dozen Rose Arrangement
Large Signature BouquetLarge Signature Bouquet
Large Signature Bouquet Sale price$125.00 CAD
Lavender 6" Sale price$18.95 CAD
Markham & Fitz Classic Cocoa Tea
Markham & Fitz Ooh La Lavender Cocoa Tea
Sold outMast Almond Butter Chocolate Bar- Mini (28g/1oz) Dairy FreeMast Almond Butter Chocolate Bar- Mini (28g/1oz) Dairy Free
Sold outMast Coffee Chocolate Bar- ClassicMast Coffee Chocolate Bar- Classic
Sold outMast Coffee Chocolate Bar- Mini (28g/1oz)Mast Coffee Chocolate Bar- Mini (28g/1oz)
Mast Milk Chocolate Bar- ClassicMast Milk Chocolate Bar- Classic
Sold outMast Milk Chocolate Bar- Mini (28g/1oz)Mast Milk Chocolate Bar- Mini (28g/1oz)
Sold outMast Oat Milk Chocolate Bar-Classic Dairy FreeMast Oat Milk Chocolate Bar-Classic Dairy Free
Mast Sea Salt Chocolate Bar- ClassicMast Sea Salt Chocolate Bar- Classic
Medium Signature BouquetMedium Signature Bouquet
Medium Signature Bouquet Sale price$95.00 CAD
Mint 4” Sale price$6.95 CAD
Sold outMom Swirl You Card
Mom Swirl You Card Sale price$11.95 CAD
Mom's FavouriteMom's Favourite
Mom's Favourite Sale price$175.00 CAD
Monogram Coffee La Laguneta Sale price$23.95 CAD
Sold outMonstera 6”
Monstera 6” Sale price$34.95 CAD
Oat Milk Upgrade Sale price$0.75 CAD
Our Classic DozenOur Classic Dozen
Our Classic Dozen Sale priceFrom $135.00 CAD
Our Deluxe DozenOur Deluxe Dozen
Our Deluxe Dozen Sale price$160.00 CAD

what our customers are saying

"Without a doubt ... the most beautiful flower arrangement I have ever received!! With quality, beauty & exceptional originality, I highly recommend this florist!"

-- Cary L.

I buy my wife flowers more than most people, and the flowers here are by far the longest lasting I have ever purchased!

-- Roland P.