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The Fireside Centrepiece

Sale price$150.00 CAD

Introducing our Harvest Bloom collection, an embodiment of autumn's vibrant hues and the nostalgia of Thanksgiving gatherings. With rich fall colours and thoughtfully foraged foliage, it's a perfect way to bring the spirit of togetherness and gratitude into your home.

The Fireside Centrepiece is built into a medium compote vase and is a perfect centrepiece for medium to large tables.  Built with fiery reds and warm orange tones, this stunning arrangement is sure to bring the colours of the season to life.

All of our arrangements are made with the freshest available products with a preference for locally grown flowers and foliage when possible.  We try our best to accommodate special requests, but may not always have specific floral or colour options available. Each floral arrangement is unique and built with love by our incredible floral designers.

Please read our Flower Care section for tips on keeping your flowers looking fresh for as long as possible.

* Pictures may not reflect the exact look of the final arrangement due to availability of florals at the time of purchase.

Included on a simple floral card with your order. Other card options available in store and online. Include who they're from if you'd like.
Any specific notes for the florists. Special requests, delivery instructions, allergies. While we try our best to honour all requests, we can't guarantee each one.
The Fireside Centrepiece
The Fireside Centrepiece Sale price$150.00 CAD